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Your local Parker's Meat Market and Deli Counter specializes in bringing you the widest variety of the finest meats available. Your friendly, knowledgeable butcher is always there to help you make your selection and will cut your meat anyway you want it.

At your Parker's Meat Market and Deli, you’ll find a full offering of fresh, tender meats, including: Angus Beef, Chicken and Pork, pre-packaged meats for quick convenience available at special offerings exclusively at Parker's Meat Market.
We also have Groceries, Beer, Wine, Local Farm Fresh Produce and Local Eggs, As well as Top Name National Produce and food products,

•Natural brands, of Lean Beef, Chicken and other special offerings exclusively at Parker's Meat Market.
•93% lean ground beef and 80% chuck ground fresh daily.
•Veal and lamb, always fresh, delicious and easy to prepare

Always 100% Fresh

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Parker's Meat Market

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Farm Fresh Turkeys $2.99/lb.

Frozen Boxed Patties $34.99/bx

Sales are for one week. Sales start in store not online. While supplies last, each product has limited supplies, no rain checks, no exceptions. Online prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are void on the following Wednesday and new sales will be posted as soon as possible.

Parker's Meat Market
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22 Olney Street, Seekonk, MA 02771
(508) 336-6671

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Parker's Meat Market

Frozen Boxed Patties $34.99/bx

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